Flatlands Contracting

About Us

About Us

In the Beginning:

Flatlands Contracting was founded by Carter McConnell in 2005. Coming from a family run Concrete business in Saskatchewan (born with a concrete trowel in his hand), Carter learned the ins and outs of the concrete world through High School and beyond beneath the tight watch of his father. The need for a bigger market brought him to Calgary where he worked for a small innovative Decorative Concrete company and was taught the absolute need for customer relations. A happy customer means future business.

The Growing Years:

Always with a quest for quality service, Flatlands Contracting continues to please customers in Calgary and surrounding area. Striving for perfection, we look forward to more and more challenging jobs, all the while trying to realize the endless possibilities of concrete. With an ever expanding knowledge of new products and technologies, we deliver cutting edge concrete to our customers. Inventive design and attention to detail set us apart from competitors, and professional, customer friendly service keeps clients happy.

Where We're Going:

The future brings many more years of the same professionalism and quality service. Looking forward to advancements in concrete technology, we will continue to learn and grow with the ever changing industry.